RS05 IMMEDIATE START 6 month Temp Nanny, May become permanent, Non-Driver (10hrs)

RS05 IMMEDIATE START 6 month Temp Nanny, May become permanent, Non-Driver (10hrs)
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Temp Nanny for 6 Months, maybe come Permanent


Wed & Thurs 3pm – 8pm

There is a possibility of me being able to be flexible on hours / days]

Looking for a nanny to work the following hours ideally:

Wednesday: 15:00 to 20:00

Thursday: 15:00 to 20:00

This would be for an immediate start.

The main purpose is to reduce the number of days eldest is in afterschool club (see below) and also allow dad to work later at the office without having to rush back.

Children are: 3 (girl), 5 (girl), 7 (boy). However the majority of the childcare is solely for the eldest two since the youngest is going to be at their grandma’s house on Wednesday night until late Thursday. The children attend Infants School in Harpenden. Our house is around 250m from the school.

5 year old is severely allergic to Cashew and Pistachio nuts so  need someone who is comfortable administering epi- pens if needed and who is vigilant around ingredients. 7 year old boy has suspected mild adhd, he is very caring, smart but does struggle a great deal with focus when there are other distractions around him, often misunderstood for him appearing to be naughty. So need someone who has a great deal of patience and not easily frustrated because repeating yourself with him will be extremely common.

The main reason for needing a nanny is unfortunately their mother has been suffering from mental health issues that has ultimately resulted in court orders that prevent her having access to the children and she has agreed to vacate the family home for at least 6 months by way of a court undertaking. The kids have not seen their mother now for 3 weeks, as need to arrange proper supervised contact. Dad of course needs to get back to work properly on the days his wife would otherwise have been looking after the children. Boy also struggles with after school clubs and clearly would prefer to unwind at home, however more recently due to circumstance he has found himself in afterschool club for most of the week.

This position would be for 6 months but there is a reasonable probability that this could become more permanent, just not something they can commit to yet because just don’t know how things will work out in the future.

Dad doesn’t think he will have a car for the nanny to drive,  so someone that does not mind walking is more ideal. They do have car seats so if someone has their own car and feels confident in them then that’s a possibility to make things easier. Everything is within reasonable walking distance (20 mins each way max).

Someone that could be flexible to work later the odd time in case dad has a work event is also ideal, but not essential.

More detailed breakdown…

Wednesday: School pick up at 15.15 for eldest two. Take them home until around 15:50 or take them down to the park prior to their swimming lesson. Take eldest two to swim lesson at 16.30 at Harpenden Leisure Centre (30 min lesson), no need to get in, just watch, dry them, get them dressed after. Take them home, play with them, feed them dinner, read to them at bed time, put them to bed for 19:45 – 20:00. The youngest will be picked up from nursery which is in the centre of Harpenden by their grandmother and then taken directly to her house until Thursday evening. In the rare event that the grandmother is ill then ideally the youngest would need to be picked up on the way back with the other two (nursery is on the way back).

Thursday: School pick up at 15:15 for eldest two. Do a bit of homework with them separately, play with them. Grandmother will return youngest most likely for dinner, feed them all, put them all to bed for 19:45-20:00, read to them at bed time.

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