Our Story

Having completed six years of further education specialising in childcare I was able to move from caring for children part time to making it my career. I worked with children for almost 20years in total in various settings from private school assistant to head nanny in London, days I truly miss.

Recently I made the decision to leave nannying although I still stay in contact with my families and can’t resist being called back for the occasional placement. Since then I have been focused on my own young family whilst also creating Little Beans Nannies, both things I have wanted to do for as long as I remember.

My family and agency are taking off rather more quickly than expected and I have been kept busy both as a mother and a business owner and have loved every second.

Opening the agency seemed an obvious choice to take advantage of all my knowledge and experiences. As a mother, I understand the importance of having the right childcare in place and what a personal decision choosing a nanny is. I also have experience in the childcare role myself which enables me to see how best to place nannies to make sure they are happy and excelling in their career. On top of this, I understand how essential it is that the children are safe, well cared for, have structure and stability, and create memories. I aim to match families and nannies to meet all these requirements and hope that long term relationships will be created as a result. I saw a gap in the market for an agency that offers a clear pricing structure that my agency aims to fill. I also hope to address all the issues I’ve experienced with using agencies as a parent and a childcare professional and make Little Beans Nannies an agency that people come back to again and again.