Childcare match Facebook group

All Childcare Match Facebook Group users must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Entry to the group does not guarantee a childcare match
  • Posts are limited to 1 per day
  • Childcarer membership will be reviewed annually and if the current criteria are not met the child-carer will be contacted and given 2 weeks to supply updated documents before being removed from the group.
  • Childcarers and parents are expected to keep the agency up to date with any changes to their registration – for example contact details, documents, etc
  • Parent membership will be reviewed annually and renewal fees will be chargeable at the going rate at that time. Parents will be allowed a 2 week grace period once issued with renewal charges before being removed from the group.
  • All members must be kind, courteous and respectful to other members.
  • If any member notices any concerning behaviors from another member they should report it to a group admin immediately.
  • Little Beans Nannies carries out checks according to it’s normal vetting procedures but parents should show due diligence and ensure they are happy with a nanny prior to leaving them with children. There is no guarantee that vetting and background checks will prevent issues arising although it should mean that the nanny should be safe to work with children.
  • No nanny is able to use the group to source childcare themselves unless the usual parent registration fee has been paid.