UK Nanny Matters Campaign

Professionals in childcare and education have set up a campaign to recognise and regulate the nanny industry. The campaign with it’s mission statement ‘The UK Nannies Matter campaign aims to have Nannies recognised as Professionals by advocating and regulating Nannies in all childcare settings within the United Kingdom.’ has a huge backing from us and other big names in the Early Years sector so should make clear headway in its aims to do the following:

1. Set minimum standards for becoming a professional nanny
2. Give a guide as to suitable pay grades
3. Regulate nannies through policymakers
4. Establish a governing body
5. Create terms and conditions to be included in employment contracts

It is to be confirmed what the minimum standards should be but the proposal is currently that a nanny should have a recognised and relevant qualification (which requires 1yr+ of study), paediatric 1st aid certificate (minimum 12hr course), insurance and enhanced DBS.

In the whole sector, nannies remain one of the only jobs that is unregulated and this has to change, not only for the protection of children but also that of the nannies themselves. It is important to give people who have chosen this career path the recognition they deserve and official regulation would go a long way in achieving that. Parent’s should also be able to feel confident in the choice they are making when they employ a nanny to work in their home and with their children. In our opinion this is a long overdue progression in the nanny industry and imperative to creating a high quality and safe trade.

The result of this campaign being a success will mean enormous changes to the way nannies work and the way the industry is currently run. Nannies will be given a target to work toward and those who have strived for higher qualifications and more experience will be rewarded which means there will be a route of progression in the career. The entry path into the career will be set which is opposite to the way things currently are where anyone can care for children in a home setting under the title of ‘nanny’ with no knowledge or professional understanding of the role. Parents will have a clear understanding of who they have caring for their children and what they should be paying their nanny dependant on what level that nanny is. The major concern of safeguarding will be far easier to achieve and children will have the quality care they deserve.

Little Beans Nannies supports this campaign and will be working to aid its success.